The decision for which classes you should be taking is coming up soon! Summer semester is right around the corner and then we are well on our way to the fall semester.


Have you already met with your adviser and signed up for your classes? If not, feel free to contact your adviser and set up an appointment as soon as possible! Email or call 765-973-8306 today for an appointment.  Advisors Logan Halley or Teresa Price can meet with you face-to-face, by e-mail, or a phone appointment  —  your choice!  If you have your map (and you all should have one,) go ahead and put your classes in your shopping cart through your Student Center in OneStart – this will make a much faster advising appointment.  Don’t have your map?  Contact your advisor for a copy today!


Also think about how you can pay for classes. Will you take out financial aid or will you have to get a job over the summer? If I were to get a job, how many credit hours could I handle while working as well? These are a couple of things to think about. Once again, if you need any help with signing up, please make an appointment with your adviser! Good luck!

About Derek Jessup

I am currently a sophomore at IU East. I am on a double major track for a B.S. in Biology and a B.S. in Biochemistry. I work in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics with the Academic Advisers, in the Math and Science Center as a student mentor, and in the Office of Admissions as a student ambassador.

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