Environmental Club

Environmental Club

My name is Ethan Taulbee. I am a senior Biology major in my final semester here at IU East. My lifelong interest is Marine Biology and I am currently applying to graduate schools to study Marine Biology. I am quite interested I marine biology and conservation because one of the areas of the world where we see carelessness for the environment the most is in our oceans, with huge amounts of floating trash that seriously threatens organisms worldwide. We in the Environmental Club are interested in helping to raise awareness to the plight of our natural environments and learning about what we can do to help. We center our meetings on environmental issues. We aim to take several day trips this semester to places with environmental implications, such as the Muncie recycling plant, as well as trips to interesting natural environments such as the Ohio Caverns.


Our first meeting is being held in the Math and Science center, room 280, on Thursday February 11th at 12:30 PM. The theme of our meeting will be recycling on campus. Gail Smoker, the director of physical facilities on campus, will be in attendance to give us insight to the state of recycling on campus.


If you are interested in the conservation and preservation of natural environments, come out to a meeting or send our secretary, Randi Owens, an e-mail at owensran@iue.edu for more information on events and what we do. Hope to see you there!

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