Office of Student Accounts (Bursar)

Personal Payment Deferment Option

If eligible, your Account Statement may include a notation of the minimum down payment necessary to elect a personal deferment contract. To elect the Personal Deferment option simply make the minimum down payment by the payment due date.

  • Available to all students enrolled in at least 3 credit hours and in good standing with the Bursar’s office.
  • Splits your account balance into up to 4 equal installment payments.
  • $15 fee for each deferment payment.
  • The deferment balance is calculated after all financial aid, scholarships, and sponsor authorizations have been applied.

Drops after the refund period will not result in any kind of refund or reduction to your personal deferment. This means that the balance of your personal deferment will remain due and payable.

Failure to make payment in full by the personal deferment due date will result in a late fee being assessed and denial of University services.