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Applications for Graduation

Applications for graduation must be submitted by the student to their academic advisor who will then send the application, along with the student’s file, to the School of Business and Economics’ degree auditor for processing. The deadline for submitting your application for graduation is:

November 1st for students who will be graduating at the end of the following spring or summer semesters (May, June, and August graduates)

April 15th for students who will be graduating at the end of the following fall semester (December graduates)

The forms to apply for graduation are on the Graduation Information page.

Change of Address
If you move, IU East needs to update your address. To get this done, download and fill out the Change of Address Form. Return it directly to the Registrar’s Office. Find the Change of Address form on the Office of Student Records page.
Change of Name
If you change your name, your IU East records will need to be updated to process your name change. A copy of a one of the following legal documents must be submitted along with the Change of Name Form: Driver’s License, Marriage License or Certificate, Social Security card, or another legal document showing your new name. Send the completed form and copies of the required documentation directly to the Registrar’s Office. It’s also a good idea to inform your advisor of the name change to avoid confusion. Find the Change of Name form on the Office of Student Records page.
Change of Major
In the academic life of many students, there comes a time when they feel the need to "change their major" or academic plan. At Indiana University East, it is a relatively simple process.
  1. Prior to changing majors, students are encouraged to meet with, or talk to, their current academic advisor, as well as an academic advisor in the new program in which they are interested.
  2. After you have discussed your change with your advisor, download the Change of Major Form and fill it out.
  3. Send your completed Change of Major Form to your academic advisor for their signature. They will send your Change of Major form to Student Records for processing. Depending on your change, you may be assigned a new academic advisor. Your current advisor will let you know if that’s the case.
Visit the Change of Major page on the Registrar's site for more information.
Grade Replacement

IU East allows students who have done poorly in a course to repeat that course and remove the weight of the earlier grade from the student's cumulative grade point average.

A student may retake any undergraduate course and petition for exclusion of the previously earned grade from their cumulative GPA after repeating the course. A student may apply this grade replacement option on an unlimited number of credit hours. However, this option may be exercised no more than two times for each course.

Students replace previously earned grades by completing the Grade Replacement Petition – X Option for each grade they wish to replace. This form can be found on the Office of Student Records page.

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