School of Business & Economics

Courses in Marketing

BUS-M 300 Introduction to Marketing (3 cr)

Examination of the market economy and marketing institutions in the United States; decision making and planning from the manager’s point of view; and theimpact of marketing actions from the consumer’s point of view.

  • For non-business students only. Does not fulfill the requirement for the B.S. in Business Administration degree.
  • Sample Syllabus: Online

BUS-M 301 Marketing Management (3 cr)

Overview of marketing. Marketing planning and decisionmaking examined from the firm’s and consumer’s viewpoints; marketing concept and its company-wide implications; integration of marketing with other functions of the firm; international aspects.

BUS-M 325 Selling (3 cr)

The role of selling in the economy, in the organization, and in marketing management. Selling as a profession. The dynamics of salesperson-customer interaction. Skills, techniques, and strategies of selling.

BUS-M 346 Analysis of Marketing Data (3 cr)

Develops skills needed to manage, evaluate, analyze, and display marketing data. Topics include:data coding, data analysis using statistical software, attitude measurement and scaling, graphic display of data, data-driven market segmentation, and competitor analysis. Emphasis is on using database systems to accomplish specific objectives. The coursealso coversthe nature and sources of scanner data, micro-merchandising systems and analysis tools for databases.

BUS-M 401 International Marketing (3 cr)

Covers world markets, their respectiveconsumers, and their political and economic marketing environments. Examines the marketing issues required to meet the product, promotion, price, and distribution demands of a world market.

  • Offered online in fall semester
  • Sample Syllabus: Online

BUS-M 405 Consumer Behavior (3 cr)

Description and explanation of consumer behavior in retail markets. Topics include:demographic,socioeconomic, psychographic, attitudinal, and group influences on consumer decision making. Applications to promotion, product design, distribution, pricing, and segmentation strategies.

  • Offered online in fall semester
  • Prerequisite: BUS-M 300 or BUS-M 301 (or consent of instructor).
  • Sample Syllabus: Online

BUS-M 415 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications (3 cr)

Covers basic advertisingand sales promotion concepts as well as the design, management, and integration of a firm’s promotion strategy. Public policy aspects and the role of advertising in marketing communications in different cultures. Practical skills in public advertising included to provide implementation of theories.

BUS-M 480 Professional Practice in Marketing (1-6 cr)

Work experience in a cooperating firm or agency. Comprehensive written report required.

  • Graded on a S/F basis
  • Offered every semester
  • Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor

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