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Alumni Spotlight: Valerie Shaffer

Valerie Shaffer

Valerie Shaffer is a 2005 graduate of Indiana University East. She is currently the president at Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County. She was previously the senior project manager at Indiana Economic Development Corporation and the Vice President of Business Development at Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County.

Tim Scales, one of Shaffer's professors while at IU East, said his former student's professional success is hardly surprising.

“I felt like she really came alive in one of my classes,” Scales, IU East's director of the Center of Entrepreneurship, said. That class was marketing, where Shaffer and other students participated in a television auction for Whitewater Community Television.

“Valerie kind of did it all,” he said. “She was very strong in the overall marketing of the auction. Valerie went in front of the camera and filmed some commercial spots. She was willing to do anything and try anything.”

Today, Shaffer is also on the WCTV Board of Directors, and the auction is still a major fundraising event for the organization. She said it is her most vivid memory as an IU East student.

Even though Shaffer graduated, she still spends time on campus, attending events and staying in touch with friends and faculty she met as a student.

IU East continues to impact Shaffer professionally as well.

“It's a very attractive selling point,” Shaffer said of IU East's growing campus where enrollment has more than doubled since she graduated.

The campus is one of the first places she takes clients that are interested in Wayne County.

“It's very important to see such a thriving campus in such a small community,” she said.

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