Student Resources

Your gateway for a better student life here at IU East.

Campus Life offers many things that can help enjoyably fill in the gaps between classes. We can also just make your life easier. Whatever it is you need, come ask -- if we don't yet offer it, we can probably still help you!

Student ID (CrimsonCard)

If you do not already have one, be sure to stop by and get it. Your campus ID is used to identify you for many of the on-campus resources. Without it, you may not be eligible. The first ID is free, so stop by immediately to get yours!

The CrimsonCard can also be used to purchase items at the IU East Bookstore, Brewfus and The Den. Learn more...


IU East does not yet offer official student housing, but we do have a list of affordable apartments and living here in town, a short drive from campus. Check out the Apartment Guide for more information. Be sure you tell them we sent you!


Sometimes you need a quick place to dump your books or gear between classes. Maybe you need a change of clothes for the gym. Whatever it is you need, we have lockers in many locations around campus that are available for free. We do ask that you sign up to use them, though, so that we can gauge if we need to make more available.

Discount List

Being a student has some fringe benefits -- some local businesses have agreed to give you a small discount on their products to save you some cash for your books and supplies. The list is updated every year, but does not change dramatically. Print it for reference!