Pre-Physician Assistant (PA)

Start Building Your "Resume"

As a physician assistant, you are expected to acquire specific skills as well as degrees that assist you in the theoretical aspect of your career. These skills include:

  • Dedication to various causes
  • Involvement and commitment
  • Leadership and management
  • Communication skills
  • Research and scientific inquiry

Working alongside a physician assistant will strengthen your leadership skills and help you gain insight about daily tasks. You will also learn about a physician assistant's lifestyle and how they balance their life with career. It is also required for students in this area to keep record of their paid clinical hours (1000 hours), which is required for this career.

Career Services

This will provide the written proof of your fluency in scientific inquiry and writing, both of which are skills that support a student pursuing a career as a healthcare professional.

Research Day

This will demonstrate  the student's commitment to a cause and/or community. It will also give you a meaningful experience and expand your networking circle.

Service Learning

You can also connect to your university's alumni and network with physician assistants at hospitals within a close proximity of your home location. This will allow you to learn from their experiences and understand what you can expect from this career path. Keeping in touch with your professors is also a great way to improve your networking. Your professors know your abilities and can help you in your career path even after you have earned a degree.

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IU East Majors to Consider

B.S. Biology

B.S. Biochemistry

B.S. Human Life Science

IU East Program of Study

Physician Assistant Programs

Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis

Butler University

Indiana School of Health Science

Indiana State University

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

The GRE is required for all students entering graduate school, which is continuously adminstered throughout the year. The GRE is structured by two sections that analyze your verbal reasoing and quantitative reasoning and one section of analytical writing. 

The GRE is offered throughout the year and Pre-Physical Therapy students are encouraged to take the exam a year before applying to a physcial therapy program. Students wishing to apply earlier should consider taking the GRE in the spring. However, you should ultimately take the GRE when you are ready!

While it varies from person to person, plan on studying between 50-200 hours before taking the test. 

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