IU East Catalog

Undergraduate Campus Learning Outcomes

The Indiana University East Campus Learning Outcomes are designed to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for a productive life. Indiana University East’s faculty seeks to guide students to become lifelong learners, effective communicators, and critical thinkers. Graduates will be able to...

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively in written and oral forms. Effective communication includes the ability to read, write, listen, speak, and use appropriate resources in delivering and responding to a message. A competent communicator is able to compose a clear message, relate purposeful and relevant ideas suitable to the intended audience, and select appropriate written, verbal and nonverbal strategies to effectively communicate or respond to an intended message.
  2. Access, use, and critically evaluate a variety of relevant information sources. University educated individuals have the skills to efficiently and effectively locate, retrieve and evaluate information in order to use academically valid source material. Educated individuals have the ability to assess the accuracy, credibility, objectivity and timeliness of information and use that information ethically through appropriate documentation methods.
  3. Apply principles of inquiry to define and analyze complex problems through reasoning and discovery. Reasoning, inquiry, discovery, and creativity are the processes by which individuals utilize resources and methods to understand and answer complex problems, and to form and revise beliefs. University educated individuals raise important questions and formulate them in a comprehensible way, developing and defending their conclusions based upon reliable evidence. These individuals demonstrate understanding of the ethical standards of doing their work and communicating the results and findings.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to relate within a multicultural and digitally connected world. University educated individuals possess the knowledge and attitudes necessary to effectively relate to and collaborate with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. Our graduates have the ability to perform effectively in a virtual setting and accomplish tasks individually or collaboratively in both online and traditional environments.
  5. Demonstrate a deep understanding of a field of study. Specialists in a field of study have sufficient knowledge to apply the basic principles of the discipline in their work environment, or for subsequent learning experiences. University educated individuals demonstrate knowledge of the ethical standards in their field of study.