Office of the Chancellor

Board of Advisors Responsibilities


  • To provide counsel to the IU East Chancellor and to be advised by the Chancellor on matters of priority relating to the growth and success of IU East.
  • To provide input on the campus’s role and activities in the economic development of the region, relating campus priorities to community needs, specifically to business and industry.
  • To advocate for IU East and help strengthen relationships among IU East and its many constituencies, including, but not limited to, other area educational institutions, key community businesses and organizations, and state and local government.
  • To recommend educational, research, and public service activities appropriate to the role of IU East.
  • To review and advise on issues important to IU East prior to their submission to the Indiana University Board of Trustees or to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.


The primary purpose of the Indiana University East Board of Advisors is to advise the IU East Chancellor and be advised by the IU East Chancellor on issues related to higher education in this region.

IU East officials are proud to have a Board of Advisors whose membership has achieved a record of distinguished community involvement. Board members, in turn, consider service on the Board of Advisors as both an honor and a privilege, bringing with it certain responsibilities of loyalty, public representation, and financial support. Board members demonstrate strong commitment to IU East.

By accepting an appointment to the Board of Advisors, board members agree to fulfill the following expectations and commitments in a variety of ways:

  • Attend and participate in a minimum of 75% of all regularly scheduled board meetings. Meetings are held three times per year.  Board members are also encouraged to attend IU East events such as the Commencement Ceremony. 
  • To serve as members of Board of Advisors committees on appointment by the Board Chairperson.
  • Become familiar with the academic programs offered by IU East.
  • Serve as an advocate in the community for IU East. This may involve contacting legislators, talking with prospective students, meeting with alumni and community leaders, and/or attending or helping host campus-related events.
  • Assist in the identification of area business, industry, and community educational needs.
  • Provide input on strategic and long-range planning and program priorities, vision and mission statements, and goals and objectives consistent with university and community needs.
  • Assist the campus, as necessary, in the areas of recruitment, job placement, key opportunities, and financial support.
  • Contribute financially to IU East on an annual basis at a level commensurate with individual ability and assist in the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and/or stewardship of gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations, as appropriate.  


The Board of Advisors will consist of about 25 external members. The Chancellor will recommend community leaders for appointment to the Board by the President of the University. Nominations for replacements will be accepted by the Chancellor from the Board of Advisors.

Board members will serve staggered three-year terms.  However, designated members – those appointed by virtue of their position/office – will serve concurrent with their tenure in that position/office.  Members will be eligible for reappointment to one three-year term; otherwise members will not succeed themselves.  The Chancellor shall appoint a Chair of the Board.