Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor’s Committees

The following three senior leadership groups are designed to provide the Chancellor, as well as the members of each group, with advice and counsel on matters regarding university policies, procedures, and strategic focus. The Chancellor chairs the meetings of these groups.

Chancellor's Cabinet

The Chancellor's Cabinet is composed of Vice Chancellors and other Senior Leadership.

Strategic Planning Team

Learn more about Strategic Planning at IU East in general in the Strategic Planning section.

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council includes all non-academic (not associated with academic schools) professional staff at the director level plus vice chancellors and associate vice chancellors. The current presidents of the Professional and Staff Councils and the Executive Secretary to the Chancellor also attend.

The Administrative Council meets once a semester. The intent of these meetings is to disseminate critical information to all offices, provide the chancellor with feedback and advice from all non-academic units, and hold discussions that will help develop a shared vision among all campus units.