IU East Strategic Planning

What's Happening?

Spring 2014 - May Update

The Strategic Planning Team held two campus forums on May 6th and May 9th, 2014, the purpose of which was to provide an update of where we are with our planning, get thoughts and reactions, and lay out the next steps.

The chancellor presented drafts of five Strategic Priorities for the campus. Each priority includes an outcome, ideas for what we will measure, and what we will do to get to the outcome we desire. In addition, we also included a crosswalk with the Indiana University Principles of Excellence document.

The forums were well-attended, with time for questions and discussion in pairs/small groups. We collected verbal as well as written feedback, and will be incorporating the feedback when the Strategic Planning Team reconvenes at the beginning of the fall term.

DRAFT IU East Strategic Priorities For 2014-2019 (as presented May 2014):

  1. An Environment where a Wide Diversity of Students Complete Degrees and Realize Aspirations with Minimal Financial
  2. High Quality, Multi-modal Teaching and Learning Using High Impact Practices
  3. Degree Programs Focused on Career Advancement, Civic Engagement and Global Stewardship
  4. An Active Partner in the Economic, Educational and Cultural Development of the Community, Region and World
  5. A Campus Culture of Intellectual Pursuit, Experimentation and Inclusiveness

Overarching THEMES that cut across all of the priorities:

  1. Our overarching goal is to increase educational attainment in the region.
  2. Second, the campus has a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness in all our endeavors.
  3. Third, we are committed to adaptive leadership and innovation.

Spring 2014

The Strategic Planning Team has been meeting steadily throughout the semester.  It completed work on draft statements of our Identity, Values and Vision statements, based on the Campus Portrait Survey data and work of the “micro-volunteer” groups.

Campus and community input on the draft Identity, Values and Vision statements was sought through a series of meetings with departments, schools, and the Board of Advisors.  In each of these meetings, we engaged in an interactive “dot” exercise to spark discussion and gather meaningful input.

Based on the input we received, the Strategic Planning Team is revising the Identity, Values and Vision statements.  The team is also drafting key priorities statements that have risen up through our process as the next foundational pieces for the strategic planning process.

KICK-OFF: Jan 2014

We started the spring 2014 semester with an all-campus welcome back breakfast on January 15th, which served also as the official “kick-off” of the IU East Strategic Planning Process.  At this meeting, Chancellor Cruz-Uribe announced the newly formed Strategic Planning Team, and laid out her vision for the process to be followed. Read Chancellor Cruz-Uribe’s breakfast remarks here.

Summer and Fall 2013

Chancellor Kathy Cruz-Uribe spent her first months at Indiana University East with a listening tour, visiting departments and schools on campus, talking with students, and meeting community members in Richmond and our surrounding counties. The goal was to listen to their experiences, hopes and dreams with respect to IU East. 

In October of 2013, Chancellor Cruz-Uribe began a more formal values-based strategic planning process.  She invited the campus and the IU East Board of Advisors to respond to a “Campus Portrait” survey.  This survey provided a basis for engaging in a dialogue about campus identity and a vision for the future of the campus.

We had good faculty, staff, students and Board of Advisors response to the survey.  For the next step, in November 2013, Chancellor Cruz-Uribe extended a campus invitation for a “micro-volunteering” opportunity, bringing cross-campus groups together to work with the results of the Campus Portrait survey.  These groups reviewed, discussed and summarized the survey results in light of three framing questions:

  1. Who are we? (identity)
  2. What do we stand for? (values)
  3. Where do we want to go? (vision)