Vision, Identity and Values


Indiana University East will be recognized as a national model for regional public colleges and universities in providing high quality, innovative, accessible and affordable undergraduate and graduate education. Students will come to IU East to get their degrees, prepare for good jobs and embark on satisfying careers. We will be known for the innovative way we ensure their success - namely, unforgettably engaging learning environments and life-changing interactions with faculty, staff and fellow students, whether in-person or at a distance. We will accomplish this through strategic and thoughtful use of our available resources.


Indiana University East, a campus of Indiana University with a regional teaching mission, delivers bachelor’s and master’s degrees to students at its main campus in Richmond, at satellite sites in eastern Indiana and western Ohio, and at a distance through online education. These multiple modes of delivery allow us to serve a variety of student populations, including recent high school graduates, transfer students who started at a community college or other institution, and students who once started and are now returning to complete their degrees. The faculty and staff of IU East give first priority to student learning and the success of students in realizing their educational and career aspirations. They also recognize their role in the advancement of human knowledge and its application to the cultural and economic well-being of the communities and region the campus serves.


Indiana University East, through its faculty and staff, espouse many values regarded as essential to a civil and equitable society, including the value of high quality education to the life-long well-being of our communities and their citizens. Key values for driving campus strategic initiatives include:

  • Student success (ensuring degree attainment, job preparation and placement, career satisfaction)
  • Innovation in teaching and learning (experimenting with new ways of delivering education and supporting students that address resource constraints)
  • Diversity (creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for people and their ideas/ways of thinking in all their variety)
  • Community service (applying knowledge and talent to advance the cultural and economic well-being of the communities throughout our region)
  • Professional development (promoting career advancement and continuing education for faculty, staff, students and community members)