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Room 912 Writing Workshops

Resuming in October 2017, the Creative Writing Faculty at IU East will offer writing workshops free of charge, open to the public.  All workshops will be offered on Saturdays, from 2 – 3:30 pm, in Room 912, the off-campus art gallery space at 912 East Main, in Richmond Indiana.  View the full list of workshops HERE.

Regional Writers Series

The Regional Writers Series highlights the remarkable diversity of writers in the Midwest: from rural bards to Affrilachian poets, Rust Belt essayists to post-apocalyptic novelists, slam poets to true crime short story writers, and more. Past writers include Bianca Spriggs, Michael Martone, Scott Russell Sanders, Michael Mlekoday, Barb Shoup, David Baker, among other writers. Writers featured in 2017-2018 will include ZZ Packer, Melissa Fraterrigo and J.D. Scrimgeour.

Campus Events

Throughout the academic year, IU East also hosts a number of events on campus.  These are for students, and also open to the community.  Check out the schedule (always growing!) HERE.

"Karenina" by Charis Tsevis is licensed under cc by 2.0.