Graduate Student Sara Baxter wins Poetry Prize

We are so proud of English MA student Sara Baxter, who just won 2nd place for poetry at Sigma Tau Delta’s national conference, for her poem collection, “Conspiracy Theories.” Sara is Editor-in-Chief of Tributaries: A Journal of Creative Arts. Her poem “Maternal” was recently published in Indiana’s Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology (2018). She currently resides in Richmond, Indiana, with her husband and daughter and works as a writing consultant at IU East.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past few years is that, as creative writers, we must develop thick skins. A large part of a writer’s job is to put her work out into the world. We submit to contests, conferences, literary journals, MFA programs, and more, and we do it for those few precious moments when someone goes out of their way to tell us they were moved by our work. 



Award winners from the 2019 Sigma Tau Delta Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. Image credit:

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