Our Creative Writing Courses

Each semester the creative writing facultly at IUE offer courses in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and literary editing. These courses alternate between face-to-face classes and online classes. Below are the courses usually offered every fall.

W206 – Introduction to Creative Writing.  Exploratory course in the writing of poetry and/or fiction. Offered fall, spring, and occasional summer semesters.

W301 – Writing Fiction.  Exploration in the art and craft of writing fiction.

W303 – Writing Poetry.  Exploration in the art and craft of writing poetry.

W311 – Writing Creative Nonfiction.  Writing workshop in such modes as personal essay, autobiography, and documentary. Course focuses on understanding and practicing the rhetorical and stylistic choices available to writers of creative nonfiction: options for structure, pacing, language, style, tone, detail, description, authorial presence and voice, etc. Online.

And most springs, we offer the following:

W280 — Literary Editing and Publishing.  Principles of editing and publishing literary writing. Kinds of journals, varieties of formats (including print and e-zine), introduction to editing and production processes. Possible focus on genre publishing (fiction, poetry, non-fiction prose), grant writing, Web publishing, etc. Face to face.

W401 – Advanced Fiction Writing (Tanya Perkins).  Focused work in the art and profession of fiction writing. May be repeated once for credit.

W403 – Advanced Poetry Writing.  Focused work in the art and profession of poetry writing. May be repeated once for credit.

W405 – Writing Prose-Nonfiction.  Variable topics relating to the production of non-fiction prose. Includes an intensive written project that may involve research as well as production of essays.

We also offer fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction courses at the graduate level. Check out IU East’s current schedule of classes for the latest details!


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