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IT Helpdesk Information

The Information Technology Help Desk is located in Hayes Hall Room 169. The Help Desk hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm and Friday 8am-5pm. Telephone support is available 24/7. You many reachthe Help Desk by telephone at 765-973-8575 or by email at

You can find more information here:

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Canvas F.A.Q.

Canvas is the Indiana University Learning Management System (LMS). There is so much you can do with a blank Canvas site - but sometimes all the options can create a lot of questions. We'll do our best to help you find the answers you need. If you don't see your question in the list below, or if you are having difficulty with a tool, feel free to contact us for quick help, or to schedule a one-on-one consultation: 765-973-8561 or

Question Mark Icon A course I'm teaching in the future is not yet available. Can I still get started in Canvas?
Yes! All you need to do is create a practice site in Canvas. (video) Once you have an empty site, you can add all your content here. When the 'real' course becomes availible you can easily import all your content into the 'real' site.

Question Mark Icon I'm teaching one class - why do I have so many sections?
This is most likely an Online Course Connect course. You can find more information about this kind of course in the "Programs" section of our CTL page, or by visiting the About IU Online Course Connect website.You can also feel free to contact the IU East CTL for more information.

Question Mark Icon How will Students find my course?
Courses will automatically populate to the students Dashboard.This is also where you can set a course 'nickname' for your own use. Be cautious about changing the name of a course in the course Settings tool - a change there will affect all users and could cause students to not recognize your course. Note: Students will not be able to access course sites or materials in Canvas until the are published (by default, all Canvas sites are unpublished until the instructor chooses to allow access).

Question Mark Icon How can students learn how to use Canvas?
Most students now have some experence with the Canvas LMS, however, you might have a new student, or someone who has not taken online courses before. Please feel free to refer them to the Canvas Student Help Guides and videos (and to link to the guides in your course!). Students can find technology help at the IT Help Desk 24/7.

Question Mark Icon
Where can I get additional help as an instructor?
Below are a number of resources to help instructors make the most out of Canvas:

Quick Questions
How do I Import materials into my course?
How do I use one site to teach multiple sections (Cross-listing)?
What is my Canvas Dashboard?
How do I change what courses I see on my Canvas Dashboard?
How do I make a link to a file in my course?
How do I change the course Home page?
How do I change the Navigation menu in my course?
How do I allow a retake/extra attempt on a quiz for a single student?
How do I allow a student extra time on a quiz?
How do I view my course as a student?

Canvas Video Tutorials

  - Canvas Instructor Tour (16 short videos on various tools)
  - How to properly use Pages and Modules, and why they are diffrent.
  - List of all Canvas Video Guides created by Instructure
  - Canvas Help Videos made by IU

And you can always contact the IU East CTL (

Instructional Design

It can sometimes be difficult to know how to adapt projects, courses, or even personal teaching styles to an online environment - but we're here to help! There are many fantastic resources available that can help you update, upgrade, and just polish-up your online classes!

IU Teaching Online Series (TOS)
The IU Teaching Online Series (TOS) is a self-paced, customizable, design and teaching resource delivered through Canvas. It includes seven modules that will take you through the process of designing and developing your course based on research and sound pedagogy, as well as provides tips on delivering your online course. You can enroll in the series at any time at (CAS authentication required). 

IU Canvas Showcase
If you find yourself asking “What can an online course look like?” the IU Canvas Showcase will give you many answers. The Showcase is an IU Canvas resource for delivering templates and sample online class materials. It provides:
~ Menu of resources to download and personalize
~ Templates to give your courses a more personalized look and feel
~ IU and campus-specific images
~ IU policy statements and more, to download

Download the showcase from Canvas Commons (search “eDS Canvas Showcase for Sharing”).


Whether you are building an online course for the first or the tenth time, creating from the ground up can seem overwhelming. Teaching online may also be daunting, not only for first time virtual instructors, but also for experienced instructors who are trying to use the newest technologies.

Let us help! Feel free to contact us to set up a private consultation where we can help you brainstorm ideas, figure out your course alignment, or just be a sounding-board for a classroom issue you might be struggling with.

We can help you find the newest tools, the most interactive assignments, and even work with you methods to adapt your face-to-face skills to an online learning eviroment.

Contact us at 765-973-8561 or at to set up an appointment today!