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Athletic Appeals

Indiana University East Academic Eligibility Policy for Student Athletes

Applies to all student athletes representing IU East in any manner (scrimmages, intercollegiate, etc.) against any competitor from another institution.

Academic Good Standing: The minimum standard for academic good standing at IU East is a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, or a C average.

Policy: All student athletes must be in academic good standing to compete in any IU East sport. Academic good standing will be determined upon posting of final grades. An appeal regarding eligibility, based upon academic standing, may be submitted by the student athlete to the Dean of Students within two weeks of the end of term. The student athlete maintains IU East eligibility pending the outcome of his or her appeal. The appeal must be made in writing.

The Athletic Appeals Committee will be made up of the Dean of Students, the Faculty Athletics Representative, and a faculty member from the Athletic Committee (preferably the Chair). This committee will make the final decision on eligibility and will establish the requirements, if any, for the student athlete to maintain eligibility. All decisions by the Athletic Appeals Committee are final. (Passed: IU East Faculty Senate Dec. 1, 2009)


  1. Student athlete submits a written appeal form (below) to the Dean of Students within two weeks of the end-of-term (i.e., last day of final exams).
    1. Appeal must include student athlete’s name, student ID number, mailing address, email address, and telephone number.
    2. Appeal should address significant and/or unusual circumstances that caused the student athlete’s grade point average to fall below the 2.0 threshold for academic good standing. Include any supporting documentation that might be useful to substantiate your case.
    3. Appeal should also address how the student athlete intends to get back into academic good standing.
  2. Once an appeal has been submitted, the Dean of Students will convene a meeting of the Athletic Appeals Committee.
    1. Student athlete will be afforded the opportunity to appear in-person before the appeals committee.
  3. When a Committee recommendation has been determined, the Dean of Students will communicate the decision to the student athlete in writing.

Submitting An Appeal

1. Complete this form:  Athletic_Appeal_Form

2. Please address your appeal letter to:

Dean of Students Office

Attn: Athletic Appeals Committee

Indiana University East

2325 Chester Blvd.

Richmond IN 47374

OR email completed form with electronic signature to