Dean of Students

Process to Appeal for Reinstatement after Academic Suspension

Prepare a formal written letter addressed to the Admissions and Academic Affairs (AAA) Committee. At the top of the letter, be sure to include your name, student number, and address. Describe the events and circumstances that have contributed to your weak academic performance. This letter is a significant factor in the committee decision, so it will help make your case. Providing details will generally be a benefit for you, but remember that your letter will be read by a group of faculty and staff, so provide only the level of detail that is comfortable for you. Then describe how you intend to improve your academic standing. Again, details will be helpful to you. Send this letter to the Dean of Students.

This can be sent as an email attachment to or mail via USPS to:  

Admissions and Academic Affairs (AAA) Committee
c/o Office of Academic Affairs
Whitewater Hall, 101
Indiana University East
2325 Chester Blvd.
Richmond, IN  47374

Contact Barbara Brown at 765-973-8252 to schedule your appointment with the AAA Committee. If she is not at her desk, leave a voicemail with your name and a telephone number where you can be reached.

The AAA Committee will meet on Thursday, July 19, 2018.

Your letter of appeal for reinstatement must be received by 5:00 PM Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

  1. You will meet in Whitewater 100 which is next to the Student Accounts window. Be sure to arrive promptly for your appointment.
  2. The committee members will read your letter and review your transcript. You will then be called into a conference room to meet with them in person. They will ask you questions about what happened and how you intend to improve your academic record. When the committee has a better understanding of your situation, you will be asked to leave the room while they discuss your appeal. When they have a recommendation, you will be called back to hear the result.
  3. If you are reinstated, we will arrange for you to meet with an advisor and you will be able to register for classes as directed by the committee.