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The School of Education at Indiana University East is committed to the utmost development and support of those that teach and those who learn. We offer workshops exploring wide-ranging and highly relevant topics in education. If your organization is interested in any of these workshops, contact the faculty member listed for more information and to schedule a date.

Motivating Students

This workshop will provide a theoretical framework of student motivation as proposed by the leading theorists in this field of study (Skinner, Maslow, Atkinson, etc.).  Topics covered will include:

  • Behavioral model
  • Attribution Model (Internal vs External Locus of Control)
  • Expectancy Model (Motivation as influenced by perceived probability of success)
  • Learning Goals vs Performance Goals

Additional discussion and development of practical and hands-on activities and techniques to increase motivation in today’s students at every level will also be explored.


Textbook Reading Strategies I

This workshop explores means for helping students critically engage the texts they use in their classes and courses.  Covering the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ is a focal point for this workshop.  Resources and support systems for extending student engagement in the process of reading, analysis, and critical thinking are also covered.

Contact: Dr. Jamie Buffington-Adams at (765) 973-8413 or email at

Textbook Reading Strategies II

This workshop will engage participants with strategic tools to aid comprehension of textbook reading materials. While clearly defining these strategies and their purposes is a focus, hands-on use of these tools will support participants in immediate application to their instructional practices.


Developing Targeted and Effective Rubrics

This workshop will focus on the development of effective rubrics driven by instructional goals and standards.  While the uses of rubrics differ from one setting to another, an effectively designed rubric has consistent features:

  • Why use a rubric?
  • How do you know that rubrics might be helpful within certain instructional settings?
  • How does a rubric inform students about expectations for an assignment?
  • How can a rubric help clarify the nature of the assignment?
  • Characteristics of a Good Rubric
  • Advantages of Using Rubrics

Contact: Dr. Maureen Scane at (765) 973-8266 or email at

Critical Thinking Strategies

This workshop focuses on how to incorporate techniques for modeling critical thinking in the classroom setting. Learn what students say their teachers can do to help them think critically, and then experience six specific activities that can be used to infuse critical thinking into the existing curriculum.

Contact: Lee Ann Adams at (765) 973-8359 or email at

Test-Taking Skills

This workshop is subtitled: Test-Taking from Both Sides of the desk. Research that emphasizes the value of asking students how they know something and how they feel about these learning experiences is presented, and participants will discuss how to alter teaching and improve student success based on this research.  Faculty will also explore how to help students prepare for assessments and also how to create assessments that are valid and reliable.


Check back with us. We are always adding interesting and relevant new opportunities!

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