School of Education

Elementary Field Experiences

EDUC-M 201 - Corequisite to EDUC-P 250 (Educational Psychology)

This first field experience is a total of 30 hours (20-25 in a regular classroom and 5-10 with exceptional students). The purpose is to give education candidates an initial experience observing teachers and students in the classroom and assisting the teacher with tasks appropriate for a teacher's aide position. These education candidates are not yet ready nor expected to develop lesson plans or teach an entire class independently. They can, however, begin to identify the SoE's conceptual framework and INTASC standard indicators as observed during this experience.

EDUC-M 301 - Corequisite to EDUC-E 339/E340, EDUC-E 328, EDUC-E 343, EDUC-E 301, and EDUC-E 337.

In the M301 field experience, candidates are expected to participate at a more involved level including: whole group planning and teaching, investigation of materials and evaluation. While working in the classroom, the candidate will specifically focus on issues related to instructional planning and implementation, material preparation, motivation and effective management, testing and assessment, professional issues (reflection, development of a philosophy of teaching and learning, ethics, etc.), and student issues (developmental levels, special needs, diversity and socio-economic issues, etc.) This field experience is designed to provide candidates with the opportunity to begin implementing the School of Education's conceptual framework and INTASC standard indicators. Required classroom hours vary depending on subject area.

EDUC-M 401 - Corequisite to EDUC-E 341 and EDUC-E 325 (Reading II and Social Studies Methods)

The M401 field experience usually occurs the semester prior to student teaching and expands the experience of the M301. It is designed to provide candidates with the knowledge and experience needed for planning and teaching lessons and independently working with students as they implement the School of Education's conceptual framework and INTASC standard indicators. Strategies and materials learned through methods coursework are put into practice in the classroom. These candidates spend approximately 100 hours in the classroom under the supervision of a cooperating teacher as they plan and teach a minimum of 10 lessons. In addition, they complete an "Admission to Student Teaching" portfolio for the purpose of determining their readiness to move forward to student teaching.

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