EDUC-K500 Topical Workshop in Special Education: variable title (3 cr)

Intensive study of such selected topics as language development for exceptional children, the disadvantaged child, and behavior modification for exceptional children.

Required pre-requisite for secondary teachers only, unless transcripts show equivalent undergraduate coursework. Not counted as part of the minor.

EDUC-K505 Introduction to Special Education for Graduate Students (3 cr)

Basic special education principles for graduate students with no previous course work in special education. Students cannot receive credit for both EDUC-K205 and EDUC-K505.

Required pre-requisite for elementary teachers only, unless transcripts show equivalent undergraduate coursework. Not counted as part of the minor.

Coursework for Minor

EDUC-K510 Assistive Technology in Special Education (2 cr)

This course is designed to provide an overview of various types of assistive technology which can benefit students with disabilities. How to best match students’ needs with assistive technology and how to provide assistive technology as an accommodation in students’ IEPs will also be investigated.

EDUC-K520 Survey of Behavior Disorders (3 cr)

An advanced survey of the literature related to behaviorally disordered/emotionally disturbed children including historical information, theoretical approaches, characteristics, and issues.

EDUC-K525 Survey of Mild Handicaps (3 cr)

An advanced survey of the literature relating to mild handicaps, including historical foundations, definitions, and current issues facing workers in the field.

EDUC-K563 Diagnosis and Remediation of Learning Disabilities (3 cr)

This course is designed to promote understanding of what constitutes a learning disability, how classroom teachers can accommodate, adapt and modify assignments to meet the needs of students with special needs, and what the presence of a learning disability means for identified students, their families, and their teachers. Causes of learning disabilities, the development of students with learning disabilities, assessment of learning disabilities, and planning appropriate instruction and behavior interventions for students with learning disabilities will be addressed.

EDUC-K565 Collaboration and Service Delivery (2 cr)

This course is designed to strengthen educators’ understanding of team teaching or co-teaching by exploring various models of team approaches. Of specific focus will be the variety of inclusion models which can be implemented in the classroom along with the drawbacks and benefits of each.

Required Coursework for Adding Mild Intervention to Teaching License

Teachers planning to add this to their license must complete extra coursework, a practicum and a field experience. The total graduate credit hours for adding mild intervention to a teaching license are 18. Upon completion of the coursework and practicum/field experience, it is the student's responsibility to make arrangements to take the required licensure exam through the Indiana Department of Education.

EDUC-F500 Independent Study (3 cr)

Students will work with the special education faculty to design and implement a research-based classroom experience where they focus on applying research-based instructional strategies to smaller groups or single student needs.

EDUC-K595 Practicum in Special Education: variable title (1-6 cr)

Provides for closely supervised field experience in various areas of special education.

  • Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

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