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Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education

IU East offers an online Early Childhood Education Certificate. This graduate certificate is designed for students who already possess a bachelor’s degree. It will not lead to an initial teacher license. Our online early childhood courses are designed to examine the components essential to effective early childhood programs and explore practical, research-based strategies for creating environments where all children and families can thrive and grow.

Who Would Benefit from this Online Certificate?

The population would include, but not be limited to, the following: Child care staff and teachers, Family child care providers, Preschool teachers, Head Start and Early Head Start staff, Program directors, Special educators, Early intervention specialists, Child Development Associates.

This online graduate certificate is open to students from numerous professional or academic backgrounds who desire to gain a documented concentration in teaching in early childhood environments. Financial Aid may be available.

What are the requirements for the Online Early Childhood Education Certificate?

Alongside acceptance to IU East as a degree or non-degree seeking graduate student, students enrolling and completing courses toward the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Assessment program will be required to have earned a BS, BA, MS, or MA with a minimum overall GPA of 2.7; submit a two to three page personal statement clearly explaining their background and the reasons why they wish to pursue this particular certificate; and review the graduate advising form provided by the School of Education.

What are the Courses for this Certificate?

EDUC-F 500 Workshop in Early Childhood: Introduction to 3-5 Year Old Children (3 cr.)

This course has a dual focus. The first involves an overview of the field including an historic perspective, program models, goals of early childhood education, and professional organizations. The second emphasizes the study of observation skills, the characteristics of young children, teacher-child interaction, and classroom management skills.

EDUC-F 500 Workshop in Early Childhood: Foundations in Teaching and Learning for Children Ages 3-5 (3 cr.)

This course engages students in the development, implementation, and assessment of curricula for all children ages 3-5 years. Content areas of mathematics, social studies, sciences, literacy, and art will be emphasized. Field experience required.

EDUC-E 507 Evaluation of Classroom Behavior (3 cr.)

The child as a learner; goals for early childhood programs; organizing the instructional setting including, teacher roles and methods of assessing behaviors; use of this knowledge in organizing and evaluating self and a child in a program.

EDUC-E 508 Seminar in Early Childhood Education (2-3 cr.)

Seminar will be based on current interests of students and will serve as a means of synthesizing their experiences. An interdisciplinary approach will be taken to exploring current issues and problems in early childhood education, current happenings as they relate to the issues, and major research efforts to support programs.

EDUC-E 525 Advanced Curriculum Study in Early Childhood Education (3 cr.)

P: E506 or consent of instructor. In-depth study of those educators and philosophers, past and present, who have influenced early childhood curricula. Emphasis will be placed on the beliefs of a number of figures (such as Dewey, Piaget, Vygotsky, Montessori), and knowledge of their beliefs influences each student's educational belief system.

EDUC-E 555 Human Diversity in Education (3 cr.)

Explores issues related to teaching in a complex and diverse culture. Through this class students will become familiar with a range of diversity issues that teachers confront in our society, including cognitive abilities, learning styles, and cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds of children.

EDUC-E 509 Internship in Elementary/Early Childhood Education (3-6 cr.)

Individualized experience is planned on the basis of the student's professional goals, previous educational background, and experience. Arrangements must be made prior to the semester during which the credit is desired.

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