Admissions Recommendation

General Academic and Knowledge Recommendations for T2T

The following general recommendations are provided to improve your application, competency, Praxis II scores and employability:

  • Computer Literacy
    All students will need an applied knowledge of basic computer skils and applications. You will be competing with recently trained teachers with a comprehensive knowledge of applying technology in the classroom.
  • Dated Knowledge
    Undergraduate coursework should have been completed within ten years, unless subsequent coursework, professional certificates, or work experience mitigates concerns about current knowledge and skills. To pass praxis I you will need current skills in math, reading and writing. To pass Praxis II you will need to have current knowledge in the content area being tested.

Secondary Transition to Teaching

Secondary Social Studies - We recommend that students pursuing T2T social studies certification have a minimum of 2 social studies content areas on their license. It is highly recommended that one of the areas be history. Teachers licensed through T2T are not required by statute to have multiple content areas. You could just be licensed in Economics, for example. In reality, that may not be in your best interest. Praxis II for social studies covers all areas of social studies including: government, history (Historical Perspectives - United States and world), economics, sociology, geography, and psychology. Traditionally trained teachers competing with you for jobs will have 3 social studies areas on their license. School corporations prefer teachers with multiple areas of certification to give them greater flexibility.

Secondary Science - Science teachers with multiple areas of science licensure are more employable.

Secondary English - Coursework across genre and language arts areas will improve your ability to pass Praxis II. T2T students wanting to pursue secondary English certification should know that school corporations employing them may assign them to teach multiple areas of language arts. T2T students with strong undergraduate programs, completed recently, should be well-prepared. Those whose content preparation is dated may want to update their content knowledge. You will be competing for jobs with recently trained teachers with a breadth of language arts preparation.

Elementary Transition to Teaching

The state law and rules governing Transition to Teaching do not address general knowledge for elementary teachers and limit your T2T program to 24 credits. You will be competing for jobs with teachers recently trained with knowledge across content areas. It is highly recommended that your preparation prior to Transition to Teaching document a breadth of preparation. If you elect to take courses to strengthen your content area preparation you might consider the guidelines below. A graduate advisor can assist you

Elementary Education - Requirements for traditionally trained teachers - Recommendations for T2T

Language Arts - Coursework or documented knowledge in writing and literature, including literature for children.

Math - Coursework or documented knowledge indicative of a broad functional knowledge of number systems and the use of numbers.

Natural Science - Coursework or documented knowledge in several fields of science including labs.

Fine Arts - Coursework or documentation indicative of knowledge and appreciation of music and art.

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