Prior Learning Assessment

Indiana University East acknowledges that learning is garnered from a breadth of life experiences. Prospective Transition to Teaching students who can document knowledge and skills from work, independent studies, professional training and certification or allied volunteer training may receive a reduction in required coursework. Examples of such experience include, but are not limited to professional employment, military Peace Corps and Americorps.

Prospective students are responsible for documenting prior learning. Documentation is to be submitted with the Transition to Teaching Admissions Application. Graduate faculty and advisors will evaluate the documentation. Documentation may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Test reports from a College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) which assesses a student's knowledge equivalent to college learning. Similar testing programs may be considered. Such assessment w ill be used to determine content area knowedge in general education areas. Students can get information about CLEP tests at
  2. Documentation of successful completion of allied certifications or training programs.
  3. Work experience in the content area to be taught and/or with the developmental level of child for which licensure is sought.
  4. Volunteer experience with documented training or independent studies applicable to teaching the developmental level of child for which certification is sought.
  5. Transfer college credit equivalent to required program courses. Official transcripts, sealed by the transfer institutions' registrars must be included.

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