Frequently Asked Questions

In what subjects (content areas) does the IU East Transition to Teaching prepare teachers?

Secondary = Math, Sciences, English & Social Studies
Elementary Education

Can I get a job after a Transition to Teaching program?

Yes, school corporations are eager to find mature, experienced, well trained teachers. T2T interns have been very successful finding teaching positions. They have been very competitive with traditionally prepared teachers. There is greatest need for teachers in Math and Sciences. Though there is least need in Social Studies, our interns have been successful in finding positions. Some interns may have the opportunity to take positions in Special Education on limited license due to the critical shortage of teachers in that field. The IU East service area anticipates a high incidence of teacher retirement during the next several years. The impending retirements will provide employment opportunities.

Is this program really full time?

Yes, T2T is an intensive program that requires interns to gain both knowledge and experience in a condensed time frame. Interns enter the program with the understanding that it is full time in every sense of the term.

Is this program offered on nights or weekends?

No, it is widely accepted, by virtue of research and state standards, that teacher education programs are most effective when they are field based. It is imperative that we provide interns with extensive field experience with children, in schools. It is not possible for T2T to be field based with weekend or night programs.

Do I have to have a major in what I want to teach?

Preferably. Successful secondary applicants will have a major (or equivalent), a very strong minor (or equivalent) or coursework subsequent to their degree in the content area in which they are seeking certification. T2T does not provide content area preparation. Content knowledge must precede the program. Practical application of the content through employment may be taken into consideration.

Elementary applicants must demonstrate academic preparation across the disciplines. Elementary teachers are responsible for instruction in many content areas (language arts, math, science, social studies, fine arts, etc) therefore it is critical that they have a broad spectrum of academic preparation.

I graduated a long time ago. Will you accept my degree and coursework?

Degrees and credit within the last ten years will be considered. If your academic work is older than ten years BUT you have consistently worked in a field that requires the application of the subject you want to teach your credit may be considered. If you can demonstrate extensive work with children your credit may be considered. Coursework taken subsequent to the original degree is considered. If you want to teach content that is time sensitive it would be advisable to update your academic preparation prior to application. Being current in your content will be critical to passing tests required for admissions and licensure.

My degree is in business (or accounting). Can I become a math teacher?

Business math and accounting are not sufficient preparation for this program. If you had a math minor or subsequent math courses your application may be considered. You might also consider Business Education at another institution.

What kind of experience does the admissions committee look for?

Experience working directly with children and experience applying the content area to be taught.

What is the application deadline?

All Application materials (letter of application, official transcripts, current resume, recommendations and qualifying Praxis scores) must be submitted to the IU East School of Education by December 1 for the Elementary Program and April 1 for the Secondary Program. If a deadline extension is required, contact Carla Bowen or Dr. James Barbre.

How much does this program cost?

The cost of the program is subject to change depending upon the tuition rate and fee schedules of the university. Cost estimates are based on Indiana residency. In general, secondary interns will pay approximately $7,950.  There are 18 credit hours ($250.94 per credit hour) in tuition, plus program fees, technology fees and books.. Elementary interns will pay approximately $9,350.  There are 24 credit hours ($250.94 per credit hour) in tuition, plus program fees, technology fees and books. Regular university fees apply. Residents of certain Ohio counties do not pay out of state tuition. Please check with admissions concerning the current reciprocity agreement.

Will I be licensed to teach in other states?

IU East only works with the State of Indiana to license students. You would be responsible for applying for licenses in other states. Some states offer reciprocity with the Indiana license. This means that you will be issued a license by the other state, on the basis of being licensed in Indiana. Some states that offer reciprocity with Indiana may require additional work to subsequently renew the license in that state.

Is financial aid available for the T2T program?

Yes, financial aid is available in the form of student loans. Program applicants must fill out a FAFSA form and submit it in order to determine eligibility. It is also the student's responsibility to show satisfactory academic progress according to university standards.

  • Teacher’s Certification students, although restricted to loans at the undergraduate level, are evaluated for SAP as graduate students.

The amount available to be borrowed is determined by the cap amount that may be borrowed by an undergraduate student. Any further questions regarding eligibility or academic progress, please visit the financial aid website at Indiana University East.

For a preliminary estimate of student loan availability, please click on the following link to the National Student Loan Data System where you can complete a financial aid review. You can use the pin # from your original FAFSA in order to sign in. If you do not remember your pin, go to where you can get another one or reset yours.

(**Note: you are still required to fill out a FAFSA form and submit it by the posted deadline every year)

Are there any courses that might be waived for the T2T program?

If a student has existing coursework that would substitute for classes that are required for completion of the T2T program, that determination will be made on an case-by-case basis. 


What happens if I do not pass one of the T2T courses during the program?

Indiana University East has adopted the core INTASC principles and measures the success of its candidates against these principles through a variety of performance based assessments: field experience evaluations, successful completion of methods courses with a minimum grade of B and a 3.0 GPA requirement in these classes, pre-student teaching and graduation portfolios, etc.  If students do not pass any of the courses with an acceptable grade, they are subsequently removed from the program and may re-apply after one academic year following the existing undergraduate policy of the Teacher Education Program.

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