School of Education

Revalidation Policy for Old Coursework

The School of Education requires revalidation of certain Professional Education courses that are over seven years old at the time of matriculation into the School of Education or at the time of return to the SOE after one year or more absence. Revalidation will occur when the course is part of the foundations courses.

The means of revalidation will be a test designed to revalidate credit in the specific course.

  • Students must receive 75% or higher to pass.
  • The test may be repeated once, but may be taken only once in a given semester.

Students who wish to revalidate coursework must contact the Dean at least one month prior to the first day of class.

  • The Dean will make arrangements with the appropriate faculty to provide the student with the revalidation test.
  • Exams will be designed and graded by the appropriate faculty in the School of Education
  • A form will be filled out and placed in the student's file. The form will include:
    • date of test
    • recommendation for revalidation
    • pass or fail
    • signatures of faculty assessing test and Dean.

Students who are unsuccessful in passing the revalidation exam must enroll in the course to receive credit.

All other Professional Education Courses must have been completed within the seven year period prior to matriculation into the School of Education or the seven year period prior to return to the School after one year or more absence.

(Approved by IU East Division of Education January 22, 2009.)

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