Financial Aid & Scholarships

Award Notification

Financial aid awards are added to students’ accounts in a predetermined sequence; it is most beneficial to students that gift aid (that is, aid that does not have to be earned or repaid) is sequenced above self-help aid (that is, work-study or loans).  In this way, we ensure that self-help aid is not preventing a student’s receipt of grants, scholarships, and fee remissions.

For incoming freshman packaged with aid before June we will mail a paper financial aid award notification. Returning students and freshman packaged after June will receive their notification electronically. These students will receive an email at their IU East e-mail account once financial aid eligibility has been determined. Students should review their information on One (, under Self-Service.


If a student would like to accept, reduce or decline a loan which they have been packaged with, this may be done through One.

State Aid from Commission for Higher Education

If a student is packaged with an estimated state award, such as the O'Bannon/Higher Education, Core 40, or Honors Grant, their official award will be determined by the Commission for Higher Education (CHE).

For IU East students CHE awards are based on 15 credit hours per semester, if you enroll in fewer hours your award may be reduced or canceled accordingly.

Other Aid

If you are receiving other awards not listed on your notification, including scholarships, grants, fee remisions, veteran's benefits or others forms of assistance, please notify our office as soon as possible. Please include the name and they amount of the award so that we can add the award to the aid account and make any necessary changes to the current aid package.

Awards May Change

If a student notifies us of an award after the package has already been assembled we will add that award in the proper sequence, as referenced at the top of this page. If the student was already receiving aid up to their cost of attendance the addition of a new award will cause a reduction in the least desireable form of aid, usually a loan, in order to keep the student within their cost of attendance.

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