Financial Aid & Scholarships

Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) enables eligible students to acquire work-study jobs, the wages for which are largely funded by the federal government. FWS recipients find their own jobs, either on campus or in the community. Although FWS appears as part of a student’s financial aid package, earnings do not credit directly to the Bursar; rather, the student earns a paycheck based on an hourly pay rate (wages vary but are never below minimum wage).

FWS is Campus-Based

FWS is a type of campus-based award. This means that federal funds are provided to individual universities to administer at their discretion (although always within federally governed parameters); FWS amounts and eligibility requirements may therefore vary from university to university.

FWS is Need-Based

FWS is a need-based award and thus counts towards fulfilling a student’s overall need figure. To apply for a position you will need to complete the following:

  1. Complete the IU East Work-Study Application.
  2. Find a work-study job. A good place to start is the job boards in the Human Resources Office.

You should also watch for other campus job openings and talk to the departments you are interested in working with. You are responsible for securing your own work-study position. Jobs may not be available for all students eligible for work-study positions.

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