Financial Aid & Scholarships

Scholarships for New Students

The Office of Admissions awards four-year admission-based and merit scholarships for academic performance and in recognition of academic achievement. By rewarding excellence through scholarships, we hope to encourage students to continue their education at IU East.

Because funds are limited, early admission to IU East is the best way for students to take advantage of these scholarship opportunities. February 1st is the deadline for receipt of applications for early admission. Applications received between February 1st and March 1st will be considered if scholarship funding is still available.


Applicants for admission to IU East become eligible for admission-based scholarships when they submit an admission application by March 1st that meets academic criteria for the particular scholarship. Merit scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and require a separate application.

Since beginning freshman students are considered for admission-based scholarships immediately upon admission to IU East, they are urged to apply for admission as early as possible, preferably in the fall of their senior year in high school. Students meeting criteria for admission-based scholarships will be contacted once the admission process is complete and sent a notification of the scholarships for which they are eligible. They will also receive an application for merit and any other competitive scholarships available.

Students can receive only one four-year admission-based or merit scholarship, the highest one for which they are eligible or selected.

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