Field Placement Request Form

Field Placement Request Form

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Placements and Procedures

Students should check all classes that are needed for field placements. Students should attempt to seek a blend of experiences (M201, M301, M401, K495, Student Teaching) in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Elementary students need experiences at primary and intermediate levels. Secondary students need experiences at both middle school/junior high and high school levels. Supervising Teachers must be IUEast Cooperating Teachers. Placements are made based on cooperating teacher availability and approval from the school corporation's office and/or building principal. Field experience arrangements are made through the IUEast SoE Office of Field Experiences by the Director and MAY NOT be arranged by IUEast SoE students. The Director or designee will make an initial request for your field placement. S/he will take into consideration your preferred placement and the state requirements for field experience placement. When your placement has been accepted by school personnel the Director or designee will contact you, letting you know the details of your placement.

Think backwards: If you would like to be placed in a particular county/school district for student teaching, DO NOT request that county/school district for your earlier field experiences.

School Districts

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Background Checks

All schools corporations require completed background checks prior to beginning the field experiences in the classroom with students. Each school corporation has its own system for obtaining these background checks. When you receive your placement, you will also receive directions for completing your background check. It is your responsibility to act on your background check procedures PROMPTLY. Some school districts take two or more weeks to complete, which will delay your ability to start your hours, if you delay completing the background check.

Prior Field Placement

If you have prior field placement experience(s), list the location of those placements below including school building and grade level/subject area: