Internship Candidate Participation Agreement

Internship Candidate Participation Agreement

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To participate in the Internship Program, the candidate must:

Agree to the following Expectations

During the Internship Program Experience, the candidate will

Internship Experience Guidelines

Indiana University East will not provide employment compensation including payment and benefits during the duration or for the completion of the internship experience unless otherwise receiving a scholarship. Candidates are not required to participate in a scholarship program to obtain an internship, however they must apply and participate in the scholarship application process to be considered for scholarship funding. Candidates are not eligible for unemployment compensation at the end of the internship experience.

Candidates are responsible for transportation to and from the internship site, including costs. Travel costs will not be reimbursed by IU East. IU East is not liable for travel, including but not limited to accidents to and from facilities, theft of vehicle or damage to personal items while at internship site.

The internship site should not require any fees, technology, and equipment to complete the internship experience. If notified of fees, candidates must communicate this immediately with the IU East Career Services staff. Indiana University East is not responsible for any contract or agreement personally entered between a candidate and the organization. An affiliation agreement may be required to be completed prior to internship experience. The candidate is responsible for communicating with IU East Career Services staff if the internship site requires contractual paperwork.

Acknowledgement and Release

I wish to participate in the Indiana University East Internship Program experience and fully acknowledge and understand the expectations and guidelines required to participate. I agree to abide by the requirements of the Indiana University East Internship Program experience and agree to complete all required paperwork and related tasks. I understand if the internship program experience is for academic credit, I must speak with my faculty advisor and register for the appropriate course. I understand failure on my part to complete any requirements in a timely manner may result in not participating in the experience and or not receiving academic credit. I hereby release from any liability the Trustees of Indiana University, including its officers, employees, and agents for any and all claims or actions I, my successors, or assigns may bring for any injury or loss I may sustain while in engaged in any activity associated with this internship experience, whether by my own fault or by fault of the company/agency for whom I am working with, including Worker's Compensation, personal liability, and professional liability. I understand that participation in this internship experience does not qualify me for employee benefits at the completion of the experience.