Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies at IU East

Welcome to the home page for Graduate Studies at IU East. We currently offer master’s degree programs in Education, Management, Nursing, and Social Work, and a graduate certificate in Composition Studies. Proposals for master’s degrees in English (with an emphasis on composition) and Science and Mathematics Education are in development. Graduate studies are an important part of IU East’s mission in serving its designated region in eastern Indiana and western Ohio.

A Graduate Affairs Committee provides faculty oversight of graduate programs at IU East, and a set of Principles of Graduate Education guide the development and improvement of these programs. In short, much is happening with graduate studies at IU East, and more is yet to come.

If you have an interest in continuing your education beyond a bachelor’s degree, one of our graduate programs might fit your needs. Please feel free to contact the graduate office within the school of your interest for more information. If you already know which program you want, you can submit your application for admission online. Graduate studies at IU East are a great way to advance yourselves and your careers.

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