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Alumni Spotlight: Rebecca Steck

Rebecca Steck

I suppose you could say she had a stubborn streak. As an early college student, Rebecca Steck kept denying what others had been telling her since high school.

Family and friends encouraged her to become a teacher but the education field just didn’t interest her. Athletic training did. It wasn’t until her second year of college that Rebecca decided to accept the inevitable and listen to those that knew her better than she knew herself.

During Rebecca’s student teaching, she was placed at the high school where her grandmother had taught for over 30 years. As fate would have it, Rebecca taught with a strict, well-known mentor that used to teach with her grandmother. As she earned his approval of her teaching, she knew she had found her niche.

Rebecca, now a teacher at Seton High School, strives to give her students a voice and teach them real-world work skills. She began a school newspaper through her journalism class.

“I try to make the students feel empowered in an area in which they naturally excel, and also engage them in areas of writing and journalism in which they feel uncomfortable,” said Rebecca. “A major aspect of the course is teaching students the value and teamwork involved in meeting a deadline. I remind them as often as possible that a future boss may not give them a second chance.”

Finding her own stride has now allowed her to help other students find theirs.

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