Center for Health Promotion

Course Offerings

Exercise Courses

HPER-E111 Basketball (1 cr)

Instruction in the fundamental skills of shooting, passing, ball handling, footwork, basic strategies of offensive and defensive play, and interpretation of rules.

Offered during year

HPER-E113 Billiards (1 cr)

Instruction in basic skills, including bridge forming, stroke techniques, bank shots, and cue ball spin.

Offered during year

HPER-E119 Personal Fitness (2 cr)

Instruction in the basic principles of conditioning and fitness. Emphasis on muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory endurance. Especially beneficial to individuals whose occupations require above normal standards of physical fitness. This class can be taken Pass/Fail or Audit.

Offered every semester

HPER-E219 Weight Loss and Exercise (2 cr)

Designed for health conscious students, this class will stress the importance of diet and exercise in permanent weight control. Uses dietary behavior modification techniques and an exercise program to achieve a gradual reduction and maintenance of ideal weight.

Offered every semester

HPER-E121 Conditioning and Weight Training (1 cr)

Instruction in basic principles of conditioning and weight training. Emphasis on muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory endurance.

Offered during year.

HPER-E133 Fitness and Jogging I (1 cr)

Beginning instruction in the basic principles of fitness, as they apply to a jogging and fitness walking programs. Emphasis on cardio- respiratory endurance and flexibility.

Offered during year.

HPER-E135 Golf (1 cr)

Course is designed to teach basic instruction in the game of golf. Learn stroke technique in both putting and driving, keeping score, maintaining course etiquette, and lowering overall handicap.

Offered during year.

HPER-E160 First Aid and Emergency Care (2 cr)

Lecture and demonstration on first-aid measures for wounds, hemorrhages, burns, exposure, sprains, dislocations, fractures, unconscious conditions, suffocation, drowning, and poisons with skill training in all procedures.

Offered during year

HPER-E185 Volleyball (1 cr)

Instructions in the fundamental skills of power volleyball, including the overhand serve, bump, set, dig, and spike. Team offensive and defensive strategies.

Offered during year

HPER-E190 Yoga (1 cr)

Course is designed to teach basic skills in the art of Yoga. Learn basic relaxation and meditation techniques. Course is effective in lowering stress levels and maintaining internal and external body control.

HPER-P290 Movement Experiences for Preschool and Elementary School Children (3 cr)

Provides you with knowledge of potential outcomes of preschool and elementary school motor-development programs, of how to implement such programs, and of appropriate movement experiences for young children. Also provides the student with opportunities for observing and teaching young children in a structured gymnasium setting.

Offered spring and summer