Photos? Videos? Send 'em in!

HomecomingThis year's Nearly Naked Mile and Bonfire had awesome turnouts. Lots of people showed up and many of them took videos and photos themselves.

If you have some good photos or videos, and would be willing to share them with the rest of the student body, we have created a collection.

We'd like any photos or videos you may have of the events from Homecoming week, including:

  • Monday Madness
  • TP Costume Run
  • Talent Show
  • Homecoming Athletics Events
  • Bonfire

If it happened this week, we want to see it!

"I've got video, what do I do?"

Since video files can be large, it would be best if you brought those in personally to the Office of External Affairs in Springwood Hall. Enter the main entrance, where the stained glass window is, and turn left. It's the first door on the right, immediately after the former-Chancellor portraits.

Be sure to leave your name so that we can properly credit you!

"Photos! Photos! Now what?"

If you have a small handful of photos to submit, you can use our "Post Your Pics" application or email them directly to fotos@iue.edu.

If you have a whole bunch of photos, please bring them in personally. (See directions in the "Video" section above). Be sure to leave your name so we can credit you!