Promoting Yourself (and others)

Feel free to use the nomination flyers and the image in the "Resouces" box to the right to campaign, on behalf of yourself or others, for Homecoming King and Queen. If you have questions about using these materials, contact the Office of Campus Life.

Rules & Guidelines for promoting yourself during Homecoming Voting

During Nominations

The most important thing to communicate here is your name and your email address; especially the email address, which is used when actually doing the counting. Everyone can nominate as many people as they like.

We have created a Nomination Flyer pdf that you can print out, photocopy, and distribute (by hand, please, don't leave piles around campus) to your friends and classmates. If you wish to use it, here's what you need to do:

  1. Download the Homecoming Nomination flyer
  2. Print it out
  3. Fill out your name and email on each of the 8 slips on the page - be sure to print clearly!
  4. Photocopy it as many times as you like (you will not be reimbursed for this, should you be charged for your copies)
  5. Cut them out and pass on to friends and classmates

Promoting online

Feel free to provide that same information (name and email) to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Only people with IU logins can make nominations -- do not give other people your IU passphrase! The URL to direct them to is:

Be sure they know the that the last day for nominations is October 21st!

During Voting

The Office of Campus Life must be contacted before posting anything around campus.

General reminders encouraging students to vote will be included on Wolfvision (the TV's around campus) but individual campaigning for any one candidate will not.