Honors Program

Honors Events

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Past Events

Renaissance Festival Trip 2017

Christmas Party 2016

Quiz Bowl 2016

MEHA 2015

Meha 2015

Stradford 2014

Picture of Stradford 2014

Induction Ceremony 2014

2014 Inductees

Graduation Ceremony 2014

Graduates of 2014

Feast of the Hunter's Moon 2014

Group picture of the Feast of the Hunters Moon

MEHA 2013

Group picture of MEHA participants

Recognition Ceremony 2013

Picture of graduates.

Halloween Party 2013

halloween party

Christmas Party 2012

Group picture of Honors Students at the Christmas Party

Halloween Party 2012

Halloween Party Erik and Jessica

Welcome Day 2012

Welcome Day 2012

Art & Culture Day 2012

Art & Culture Day 2012

MEHA Conference 2012

MEHA group 2012

Christmas Party 2011

Christmas Party 2011

Induction Ceremony 2011

Induction Ceremony 2011

Welcome Day 2011

Students mingle outside

Over 50 Honors students gathered in the Honors Room to celebrate the Honors Welcome, marking the beginning of the 2011-12 school year, to learn about changes in the Honors Program, meet advisors, and mingle with fellow Honors students.


Culture Day 2011

Group of students outside Symphony

Students, faculty, and guests enjoyed a day of interesting art, adventures with Indian food, and some fabulous symphonic works at Culture Day 2011.

MEHA Conference 2011

Group Picture taken at conference

Students presented at the Mid East Honors Association annual conference in Dayton on March 26th and 27th. Presentations were given by Zack Bishop, Hillary Cameron, Deidra Purvis, Patricia Finley, Terri McGunegill, Clayton Haisley, Ian Holt, Kayla Holt, Rachel Phenis, Layne Husted, Kristie Kiracofe, Destiny Stonerock, Holly Walls, Bob McKinley, Miranda Knight, and Nikolas Hall.

Trip to Titanic Exhibit

group picture at the indy museum

Students enjoyed the trip to the Titanic Exhibit over winter break.

Christmas Party 2010

People enjoy the part

The annual Honors Christmas Party was a fun time!

2010 Induction Ceremony

Students looking nice during the induction

Students were honored for beginning the program at the Induction Ceremony.

H100 Trip to Bethany Peace Forum

students stand in fron of earlham college

Honors Seminar students took a trip to Earlham for the Bethany Peace Forum in November, 2010.

Trip to Renaissance Festival

Group of students at the Mud Show

Honors students joined the Humanities club at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Trip to Haunted Cave

honors student after cave

Honors students took a Friday night off to enjoy a night of fear at the Haunted Cave located in Lewsiburg, OH.

Chew & Chat Schedule and Photos

Girls enjoy food during Chew & Chat

Honors students, faculty, and guests mingle and enjoy lunch items while listening to a guest speaker discuss the chosen topic at Chew & Chat.

Honors Welcome Day

Ladies having fun at the Honors Welcome Back

Forty Honors students reconvened in the new Honors Room, Springwood for games, food, and good conversation about upcoming events and new policies at Honors Welcome Day.