Honors Program

Applying to the Honors Program

Welcome! We are glad you are interested in the Honors Program at IU East! This program is available to all eligible students – on campus or online – who have at least two academic years (4 semesters) of academic work remaining. A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher is expected; however, applications from students with slightly lower GPAs will be considered if you show high intellectual curiosity and strong desire to become actively involved in the community of scholars that make up the Honors Program. If your GPA is lower than expected, you will be expected to explain why we should consider your application, including any special situations that have contributed to a lower GPA than you are capable of achieving.

Applications are accepted throughout the year!

To Apply:

  • Send an electronic copy of your most recent transcript, with GPA clearly identified to the Honors Program Secretary Judith Ford at juford@iue.edu.
  • Complete the Application Form here: Application Form

The application will ask you to provide an email address for a teacher or professor who can vouch for your academic ability and aptitude for learning. It will also ask you to respond to each of the following (100 words or less for each question):

  1. What excites you about the Honors Program, and why do you think you are a good candidate for membership?
  2. What course created a challenge for you this year? How did you handle this challenge?
  3. What extracurricular activities have you been involved in, and how have they contributed to your growth or experience as a student?
  4. Respond to this scenario: You are captured by pirates who plan to abandon you on a desert island. They have a genie in a bottle and will allow you one wish to ask for something to take with you onto the island. Wishes for magical items are forbidden! What will you ask for, and why?

For questions about your Honors Program application, send us a message at IUEHonor@iue.edu, or contact the Honors Program Director:

Steven Petersheim

Steven Petersheim
  • Associate Professor, English
  • Director, Honors Program, Honors Program Committee
  • 765-973-8504
  • Whitewater Hall 273
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