Honors Program

Chew & Chats

"Children's Literature About the Civil War" with Alisa Clapp-Itnyre

Tuesday, September 14th


Alisa Clapp-Itnyre presents a book

Civil War books

Group of honors students

Happy people with food

Group of honors girls

Group of same honors girls with Nikolas!

Kayla and Tiara

students enjoy food

More students getting food

Students watch the presentation

"H-Options: Some Success Stories" with faculty guest-speakers

Tuesday, October 5th

group of honors students

Clayton Haisley and Paul Kreis

students gather food

students sit and chat

Julian speaks


A student adds to the discussion

"On Being a Global Citizen" with Chancellor Nassar Paydar

Tuesday, November 2nd

Students gather food

group of students before chat

Kraig and Paul before the chat

Mitch and Jessica before the chat

Racheal before the chat

Paydar leads the discussion

Joe watches the presentation

"So are YOU an Honors Student?": Informational about the Honors Program

Tuesday, November 16th