Changes to OneStart, Oncourse, Canvas, OneIU

By Kerrigan Dodson

The world is moving into the technology age. People are using e-books more than paper.

So at Indiana University East it’s no different. IU East has websites to make school work and education easier. The sites include OneStart, Oncourse, Canvas, OneIU, and more. Recently, however, there have been major changes to these sites.

One of the big changes started October 2015 when OneStart retired and it was replaced with OneIU. The changes were significant.

IU East student Heather Campbell said, “The changes were weird at first, I couldn’t find anything and I was confused. Then I noticed the sites were set up with apps like a phone and that made it easier to navigate.”

Campbell has been an IU East student for three years. The OneIU site is designed to make finding sites easier and has options like the ‘favorite’ button to have the app pop up as soon as you log in.

The next new site is Canvas.

Canvas is the site that is replacing OnCourse, which is retiring August 2016. Canvas is supposed to be easier to navigate. It has also had an update recently. It, like OneIU, is to help students better do their work.

There is a small resistance among some about the changeover to Canvas. Adjunct lecturer for the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Marvin Baney said, “I’ll eventually change over to Canvas, but I don’t want to, I’m not big into change. It’s not something I want to do, I don’t want to relearn everything again.”

Although some are cautious about the change, they will soon learn to adapt.

Another site is IU Box.

IU Box is a cloud storage system for students, staff, and faculty. It has recently been upgraded by the team working on the system. It is becoming a bigger part of the online community.

It can be used to share and create large documents with Canvas. The system is still being updated but soon it will be able to stream HD video and 3D images.

Technology Specialist Gretchen DeHart said staff in the Center for Teaching and Learning are ready to help students and faculty with the websites and the changes.

“A really good site for keeping up with IT changes to the program is,” DeHart said. “This website has some great insight on new pilot programs, and information about things that have been adopted for general use. Changes will never stop happening to sites like these, we will always move forward.”

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