Exam Jam is December 4

Exam Jam Fall15By Sage Henderson

With the semester coming to an end, we start looking forward to what every student dreads, FINAL EXAMS. For many upper-class students, they know that this could be a last chance to bring a grade up in a class they’ve struggled with or keep a grade they’ve worked hard to earn all year. Many freshman are also coming into this semester not knowing what to expect with upcoming exams. Needless to say, these are stressful times for all students.

To make these stressful times a little less, well… stressful, we turn our hopes to the Academic Support Programs’ office, and its forces of Supplemental Instruction leaders or SI Leaders as they like to be called. These SI Leaders plan to help all students in various subjects by holding sessions throughout the day on Friday, December 4, in different classrooms across campus. Exam Jam is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Graf Center, but sessions will be held in various classrooms. A list of sessions is available online at iue.edu/academicsupport.

Along with our SI Leaders, Andrew Britt from Academic Support Programs mentioned, “We have several professors who have been awesome enough to host sessions in classes that don’t normally have an SI.” These sessions will include games, snacks, and fun times all while preparing for upcoming final exams.

With the leadership of the SI leaders and faculty, students will get an extra day of study time before exams start, giving them an extra boost to earn a better grade on finals.

Along with sessions, Academic Support Programs also offers activities throughout the whole day to help students blow off some steam. Each year they follow a theme to use in all activities and this year the theme follows one of the most decorated film series of all time- Star Wars. Students can head to the Graf Center to eat Star Wars inspired food, participate in games, win prizes, and sit back and relax while watching the original Star Wars trilogy! Activities will be led by SI leaders encouraging students to have a fun time.

Exam Jam is made possible by the sponsorship of both Academic Support Programs and Campus Life. This is the 10th anniversary of Exam Jam, and by the sound of it, this year’s Exam Jam is shaping up to be one of the best yet.


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