IU East celebrates Arbor Day

By Kerrigan Dodson

IU East likes to celebrate many big and small holidays. Earth/Arbor day is no exception. This year IU East is doing a tree planting on April 29th. Linda Melody-Cottingim and Joni Thornburg are in charge of this. IU East is also doing a Senior Class Challenge this year to raise funds. This will be headed by Alyssa Tegeler in the office of external affairs.

The seniors try to do something like this every year. When asked External Affairs Alyssa Tegeler stated, “The Senior Class Challenge is a fundraiser for our graduating seniors. This year, the funds raised through the challenge will go towards funding a tree grove.”  They are helping the seniors and our environment a tribute to the Earth.

Asking around campus a variety of answers came to the question “Do you do or know anything about Earth day and what it represents, or what we here at IU East try to do?” There were many people who said they had no idea to both questions. When asked Student Heather Campbell states, “I never really thought about it. I mean I know we need to protect the Earth but I didn’t really think about what we did to help.” Campbell is not a senior this year but said she would be looking more closely at what IU East does for the environment and Earth like with their fundraisers.

As for why Earth day is even a day. It is on April 22 every year. The day it started was April 22, 1970 when people took to the streets in protest to company’s who hurt the environment. This rally was done by over 20million Americans and in doing this helped create the Environmental Protection Agency. And also the beginning of recycling. In the year 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary.

The tree planting won’t be until April 29, 2016. So spreading the word would be helpful for their cause. Any questions see Linda in the social work department, Alyssa in external affairs, or Joni in financial aid.

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