IU East will assist post graduates with networking, finding employment

By Jason Ferguson

For current students and graduated students, apprenticeships and job placement through the university are a big part of their college experience. The university has many ways for students to join internships while taking classes and also different ways to find a new career once they are about to graduate or have already graduated. Finding an apprenticeship while taking classes at the university can prove to be very beneficial when applying for jobs after college so this should be something every student should look while they’re attending classes.

IU East student Brianna Beets said, “The university shouldn’t be responsible for helping students find a job once they graduate, but if they do it’s a great way for the school to entice students to choose their university over a different university which may not offer the same great benefit that will help students to achieve success.” She doesn’t have a job lined up for after graduation but she is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success through IU and this society offers help with job placement through networking with other society members across the country.” Current and former students can use this society to help them find a new job when they might live far from the IU East campus or are looking for a job that might not be close to where they live. For more information on this visit societyleadership.org.

Beets also adds, “I recommends students and graduates go to LinkedIn because it’s always a great networking tool when looking to advance your career.” Also she recommends college job fairs because, “they’re another great way to get an idea about what kind of company you may want to work for and to also obtain a point of contact for companies you may be interested in.”

The university has multiple ways that students can reach out if they’re interested in joining an internship or are looking for job placement when they graduate. These tools can help students to have job placement when they graduate or can even help them to enroll into an internship why they are attending IU East.

According to Michael Scott, Interim Career Service Coordinator, Career Advisor, Academic Advisor, and Student Success Coach here at IU East, “students can go into CareerLink and access apprenticeships and jobs all over the country,” Scott said.

This site has job listings, advising, and counseling to help students with their job searches. This site has full-time jobs, part-time jobs, job fairs, internships, and job shadowing opportunities. Also the site helps the students with practice interviews so students will be ready for that very important interview for a job that they want. “Student can also go online to Facebook to access apprenticeship and job information.” Scott said, “The university is constantly updating their Facebook with helpful information that students can use so this would be a great spot to look for apprenticeships and job placement opportunities.” “If students need more help with finding apprenticeships or maybe help with finding a new career when they get closer to being graduated, they can stop in to the Career Services office for additional help or they can talk to their Academic Advisor for help.”

Scotts also says, “Students should start this process early when they first start as a freshmen or when they begin their Sophmore year.”

“Students need to also have a built resume when they first start their college career and build that resume during their years in school. This will help to have a great, outstanding resume that is going to make people want to hire them when they’re done with school,” Scott said.

Austin Pflum, soon to be graduate, said, “The university shouldn’t be responsible for job placement.” “Universities are responsible for educating their attendees and preparing them for the real world as best they can. Once the student leaves the university and comes into contact with the real world, the responsibilities of the University have ended. Having that said he believes, “Universities should do their absolute best to educate their students on how to find a job once those students graduate, and any college that does help its students find a job should be commended for that.” Pflum adds, “I first heard about these job placement opportunities through IU East sending emails out and that the university did a great job in making it aware that these opportunities exist.” Pflum recommends students, “

Find someone in the career you want to become a part of. Talk to friends, relatives, acquaintances, anyone at all that does what you want to do. They’ll be able to help you more than anyone else. Most importantly, never be afraid to ask for help. If you’re passionate about something, people will see that, and they’ll want to play a part in making you a success. Knowing your long-term goals will help this process immensely.” For any more assistance on job placement opportunities students can go online to iue.edu for more information.

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