Senior Art Exhibition puts student work on display

By Jenna Epkey

Every artist’s dream is to show their work to the world. Countless days and months preparing for the Senior Art Exhibition will soon pay off for several IU East students.

This year’s Senior Art Exhibition will take place starting April 30 and last through June 3. The event will be held in IU East’s studio space, gallery, and classroom, Room 912, which is located at 912 E. Main Street in Richmond. The opening reception will take place Saturday, April 30, from 4-6 p.m. and the gallery is open Monday – Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

IU East’s Edward B. Ed Thornburg, lecturer in Fine Arts and Art Galleries Director/Curator Gallery, had nothing but praise in regards to this year’s student artwork.

“All of the artworks displayed show the tremendous growth of the art majors in the past four years, and the influence the professors have had. One remarkable senior, Megan Templeton, has progressed from a neophyte to a professional in the field of ceramics,” Thornburg said.

This is a capstone event and a required course for senior art students. The featured artists exhibiting their work are Patrick Allred (Richmond), Danielle Ames (Richmond), Brandon Brockman (Fountain City), Eric Hall (Economy), Sarah Miller (Connersville) and Megan Templeton (Connersville).

Fine Arts major, Sarah Miller, is excited to share her work in the Senior Art Exhibition.

“My featured pieces of art work for capstone are a series of paintings and wall-hung sculptures that mimic the life within my paintings. I am very interested in geometry and chemistry in the sense that they are subjects that don’t come naturally to me. I wanted to understand them in a way that makes sense to me: which is art.  My boyfriend has a degree in biology and chemistry here from IU East, and I just had a really hard time understanding and connecting with that scientific part of him. So I decided I was going to venture into it in my own way and connect with science in a very artistic way. So if anything has been my main inspiration, it has been him,” Miller said.

There are other exhibits and art showcases that will be coming in the months ahead.

“Concurrent with the Senior Show are two other shows. One is the annual Student Showcase, exhibiting works from art students enrolled in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016, held in the Meijer Artway. Exhibit dates are April 20 – June 17, with a reception, June 26. The other is “Science + Art.” Exhibited are pieces judged in from a national competition, held in the Tom Thomas Gallery. Reception: April 21,” Thornburg said.

The Senior Art Exhibition is coordinated and led by IU East’s Professor Carrie Longley. All other future exhibits and showcases will be featured on the website:

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