Human Resources

Payroll Information for Supervisors

New Hires

Notify payroll when you hire a new hourly employee by completing the HRMS Pay Advice form which can be filled out on-line, then printed and signed as your authorization to hire. This form must be completed by the first day of work for your employee.

Ensure that your employee fills out appropriate payroll and employment forms. If you have those forms in your department, have them completed to send to payroll with the HRMS Pay Advice form. Or, you may send your employee to HR/Payroll on their first day of employment to complete the forms.

Employment Actions

If you need to take another employment action in regard to an employee, complete the HRMS Pay Advice form and indicate the appropriate action and action reasons. If you are unsure of the appropriate actions, call Nancy (283) or Duretta (487) for some assistance. If you are terminating employment, you must include a description of the reason for termination in the “Additional Information” section. If you need to terminate an hourly employee “for cause”, please contact Andrew Lenhardt to discuss the situation first. The decision to terminate any appointed staff would require much more documentation prior to the final decision.

Job Offers

Support and Professional Staff job offers will originate in Human Resources or the Chancellor’s Office. The HRMS Pay Advice form will be completed in HR and sent to you for signature.

Changes in Information

Changes in account number, additional jobs at different pay rates, and other similar actions will require the completion of the HRMS Pay Advice. This signed form will be our authorization to make the change requested and will serve as the documentation required by Internal Auditing for changes made in the system.

Work Study Only

All HRMS Pay Advice forms for work study students will be completed by Financial Aid. Be sure you have communicated clearly with Financial Aid regarding your intent to hire, terminate or make other changes with regard to any work study employees you might have in your department.

Processing Payroll

Supervisors are responsible for making sure all time sheets are completely filled out with all required information and that the employees have signed the time sheets. Supervisors should validate the amount of time reported by employees to ensure they are paid correctly.

Supervisors should turn in the time sheets for their department after they are signed. It is not appropriate to sign the time sheet and return it to the employee to take to payroll.

Time sheets need to be turned in according to the schedule available on the Biweekly Payroll Schedule page. Processing over 200 hourly and work study time sheets per payroll takes time, and we need your cooperation to get the necessary paperwork to us. Beginning sometime in the fall semester 2003, we expect FMS Payroll to begin charging departments when a hand drawn check is required, so we need your help in avoiding this charge to your department.

Paying your employees correctly and timely is our goal, but we cannot do it without your help. We appreciate your cooperation.