School of Humanities & Social Sciences


Program Assessment Summaries

Academic programs within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) are assessed annually to determine the degree to which students are meeting the targeted goals for Program Learning Outcomes (PLO). Each of the nine HSS academic programs submits an assessment summary of their PLO attainment for that academic year. The HSS programs include: Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, English, Fine Arts, History, Music, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. 

English Graduate Program Assessment Summaries


School of Humanities and Social Sciences Assessment Report

Each year, the chair of the Humanities and Social Sciences Assessment Committee (HSSAC) compiles assessment summary reports from the nine HSS academic programs into one HSSAC report. The HSSAC report contains information on the committee’s activities over the past academic year as well as the Program Learning Outcome attainment realized by the various programs. The HSSAC report also contains a discussion of revised assessment methodologies, goals, and recommendation for the upcoming academic year.

Program Review

Program reviews are comprehensive analyses of academic programs at Indiana University East. Each program review is conducted in three phases. The first phase is an internal ‘self-audit’ which analyzes the constituent components of the program in order to determine strengths and weaknesses in program design and function. The second phase is a review by external evaluators. During the second phase, a committee of external reviewers examines the program and evaluates strengths, weaknesses, and possible challenges facing the program. During the third phase, the external reviewers present the program officials with a final report on its findings and make recommendations for addressing any deficiencies discovered in the review process. Each program review contains information on more than 30 areas affecting the academic program.

Programs Reviewed 2017-2018

Programs Reviewed 2016-2017

Programs Reviewed 2015-2016


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