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Whether you're interested in politics, the law, law enforcement, corrections/probation work, or juvenile offender programs, you've come to the right place! Graduates of our programs have been admitted to some of the finest law schools in the country, wear badges from many different law enforcement agencies, are employed in government positions, and are engaged in running political campaigns. Our curriculum is diverse and enlightening, as well as practical. You can make a difference whether it is global, national, or your local community and it starts with an education in criminal justice or political science.

By enrolling in one of these innovative online programs, you will earn your Indiana University degree from the campus that is the leader in online programming within the IU system. Our dedicated and caring professors, advisors, and staff understand the challenges and rigors of balancing school and work and are committed to your academic success. By earning your degree with IU East, you will gain a prestigious credential that will benefit your career in public service. Please contact see the links below to learn more about our exciting online programs in Criminal Justice and Political Science.

Departmental Announcements

Criminal Justice and Political Science Club

Criminal Justice and Political Science Club welcomes all students. If you are interested in joining please contact Professor Shay Clamme at Check out the club canvas page.

Panel with Judge, Sheriff and Exonerated for Criminal Justice and Political Science Club.Here is an example of what our club might do: we had the opportunity to bring in two individuals that had been exonerated for their crimes, meaning both had spent time in prison for a crime they didn't commit. We were able to spend the entire day with both of them. We had a large discussion panel featuring the exonerated, Sheriff, Prosecutor, and Judge. We also got to sit back and listen to the exonerated tell their stories. It was a fascinating day.

Criminal Justice and Political Science Club and Panel.

Alpha Phi Sigma- Criminal Justice National Honor Society

Alpha Phi Sigma recognizes academic excellence of Undergraduate and Graduate students of Criminal Justice, as well as Juris Doctorate students. The goals of Alpha Phi Sigma are to honor and promote academic excellence, community service, educational leadership, and unity. If you are interested in joining please contact Professor Shay Clamme at

Noteworthy Courses

Criminal Justice Course Logo for Serial Killers.CJUS P-300 Special Topics: Famous Crimes and Trials

This course will expose students to famous crimes and trials throughout history. The events of each case are specified including the details of the crime and the participants in the case; the relevant social and political context; the activities of law enforcement and the decisions of prosecuting authorities; legal and political issues associated with each case; the importance and significance of each case; the pertinent law applicable le to the crime; the strategies and activities of the attorneys for the prosecution and defense; the court rulings; the final decision and appeals; and the final resolution of the case. The possible cases to be covered are: the Scottsboro Boys; Julius and Ethel Rosenberg; Charles Styarkweather and Caril Ann Fugate; Richard Speck; Ted Bundy; John Wayne Gacey; and Jeffery Dahmer along with many others. The cases begin as early as 1500s and continue through current day.

Criminal Justice Course about Wrongful Conviction.CJUS-P458 Wrongful Conviction

Investigates the factors associated with wrongful convictions and discusses possible remedies for minimizing such miscarriages of justice. The goal of this course is to systemically describe, explain, analyze, and evaluate the factors associated with and the consequences of, the wrongful prosecution, conviction, and incarceration of the innocent in the American criminal justice system. Includes a view of actual allegations of innocence by inmates currently in our prisons, and case-studies of wrongly convicted individuals who have been exonerated.

Faculty Spotlight:

Dr. Kristoffer Rees

Dr. Rees has been Assistant Professor of Political Science at IU East since Fall of 2015. Prior to his appointment at IU East, Dr. Rees taught at IUPUI in Indianapolis and IU Bloomington, while pursuing a dual-major PhD in Political Science and Central Eurasian Studies.

Much of Dr. Rees' current research focuses on identity politics in Central Asia. He has been traveling regularly to the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan since graduating from Whitman College in 2002. From 2002-2004, Dr. Rees served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kyrgyz Republic; it was this extended time in the country that sparked his interest in understanding the rapidly changing nature of national and subnational identities in the region. After observing the events and aftermath of the 2005 Tulip Revolution firsthand, Dr. Rees left his position at the University of Central Asia in order to pursue formal graduate training in the field; his MA thesis in Central Eurasian Studies (2008) examined the role that competing national identities may have played during the course of the 2005 revolution. His areas of expertise draw from disciplinary training in comparative politics and political philosophy and regional expertise in post-Soviet Central Asia. FLAS and Title VIII Fellowships have supported Dr. Rees' training and research endeavors.

Dr. Rees' research leverages both qualitative and quantitative methodologies; his 2015 dissertation, entitled Citizenship, Identity Politics, and Language Choice in Kazakhstan was based on survey-driven quantitative research examining the impact that state policies in Kazakhstan since independence have had on changing the nature of state-citizen relations, as well as interview-based qualitative research combined with comparative historical research that situated the quantitative empirical data in context. Dr. Rees in Kazakhstan.An article drawn from the dissertation is currently under review at Nationalities Papers, and the survey Dr. Rees created is a foundational element of an ongoing multidisciplinary project examining the changing nature of identity politics in Kazakhstan in collaboration with scholars from the University of Kansas and the University of Washington.

At IU East Dr. Rees regularly teaches courses in comparative and international politics and in political philosophy, both online and in-person. His extensive experience living, working, and traveling abroad informs his courses, rendering them rich with living detail.

PHOTO Dr. Rees' current research project examines the use of public space as a site for state-framed identity building projects. This photo is of the Zher-ene monument in the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana, which is part of a broader campaign by the Kazakhstani state of creating an independent post-Soviet national identity. This photo was taken in Summer, 2015. Credit: D. Sali.

Student Spotlight

Criminal Justice Major Brooke Hartwig.Brooke Hartwig

Our student spotlight shines on Brooke Hartwig this semester. Brooke has many different roles here at Indiana University East. She is a student, a friend, a competitor, a president, an ambassador, an officer, but most of all a leader. Brooke is a woman who is sensitive enough to be moved by the problems of society and strong enough to confront them head on. She is wise enough to make sense of the world, and humble enough to connect with anyone. When Brooke speaks, other students listen. Brooke’s objectivity sets her apart from other leaders, and makes her easy to share ideas with.

It's hard enough to do excellent work when you don’t have any pressure on you. But to do outstanding work, when you have so much else occupying your time and energy and thoughts, takes a special kind of nerve and discipline. Brooke has all of this and more. Her personal pride in her work is obvious... and is never taken for granted. The quality she attains is an integral part of her success and the success at Indiana University East.

Here are a few of Brooke's accomplishments over the last 4 years:

  • Admission Ambassador (4 years)
  • Supplemental Instruction Leader for Biology and Sociology (4 years)
  • Assistant Women's Self Defense Instructor
  • President of the Criminal Justice & Political Science Club (2 years)- Led projects such as Red Sand, Witness to Innocence, and Food Pantry
  • It's on Us Conference - Marketing Committee
  • Graduated the Indiana University Police Academy in August 2015 - First IU East female to graduate from the academy, ranked 13/36 in Physical Fitness and top female, had the highest GPA out of academy class
  • Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society member
  • Member of Student Government Association
  • IU East Diversity Events Committee student member
  • Chancellor's List 7/8 semesters 3.98
  • 2016 IU East Homecoming Queen
  • 2016 Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice Award

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