The M.A. in English degree is a 36-credit program requiring two core courses and 28 credit hours of elective courses.

Tentative Schedule of Courses

Fall 2014 L506 L653 G552 W620  
Spring 2015 L651 W507 G660 W682  
Summer 2015 W500 W620      
Fall 2015 D600 L506 L649 W501  
Spring 2016 G660 L651 W682 W609 W513
Summer 2016 W500 W620      

Core Courses

Required Foundational Course:

  • ENG-L506 Intro to Methods of Criticism and Research (4 cr)
    An examination of how to closely analyze a text and use contemporary literary theory.

Capstone course:

  • ENG-W609 Independent Writing Project (4 cr)
    Enables students to work on a writing or research project that they initiate, plan, and complete under the direction of an English department faculty member. Students must take at least one graduate course in the area of the research project, or two graduate level creative-writing workshops if the project is creative writing, prior to taking W609.

Elective Courses

In consultation with their advisor, students select their elective courses and develop a schedule plan upon their admission to the program. 

Composition and Rhetoric

ENG W500 Issues in Teaching Writing (4 cr.) 

Consideration of fundamental issues in the teaching of writing and the major approaches to composition instruction.  Specific topics include teaching invention and revision, diagnosing errors, teaching style and organization, making assignments, and evaluating student writing.

ENG W501 Teaching College Writing (4 cr.) 

The study of teaching reading and writing. The course focuses on composition and rhetoric research methodologies.  The course explores researching a range of teaching technologies.

ENG W620 Advanced Argumentative Writing (4 cr.) 

In this course, we will engage in the advanced study of rhetorical theories of argument. Students explore the history of rhetorical theories of argument and its application to the teaching of writing, use writing to reflect on argument theories, writing strategies, and classroom practice, and gain application of composition research methods to argumentation projects.

ENG W682 Special Topics: Rhetoric & Composition (4 cr.) 

In this workshop, we will engage in the advanced study of teaching reading and writing. While much of the course centers on studying scholarship, you will also gain practice in connecting reading and writing through a major seminar paper on a topic developed in consultation with your professor. Students shape reading and writing activities to their interests and learning goals.


ENG L608 History of Literary Criticism from 1750 to 1960 (4 cr.) 

A survey of the history of literary criticism and theory from the late Enlightenment or early Romantic periods to 1960, including a variety of modern literacy critics and theorists.

ENG L612 Chaucer (4 cr.) 

Critical analysis of The Canterbury Tales, Troilus and Criseyde, and selected shorter poems.

ENG L625 Shakespeare (4 cr.) 

Critical analysis of selected texts.

ENG L631 English Literature 1660-1790 (4 cr.) 

Extensive reading in poetry and nonfictional prose.

ENG L641 English Literature 1790-1900 (4 cr.) 

Extensive reading in poetry and nonfictional prose.

ENG L649 British Literature since 1900 (4 cr.) 

Extensive reading in all genres.

ENG L651 American Literature 1609-1800 (4 cr.) 

Intensive historical and critical study of all genres from John Smith through Charles Brockden Brown.

ENG L653 American Literature 1800-1900 (4 cr.) 

Intensive historical and critical study of all genres from Washington Irving through Frank Norris.

ENG L655 American Literature and Culture 1900-1945 (4 cr.) 

Study of American Literature and culture from the turn of the century to 1945.

ENG L666 Survey of Children's Literature (4 cr.) 

A survey of literature written for children and adolescents from the medieval period to the present.

ENG L680 Special Topics in Literature (4 cr.) 

L680 is a variable subtitle course designed to offer students a range of critical approaches to the study of literature at the graduate level. Reading in sociological, political, psychological, and other approaches to literature. Sample topics include: Mark Twain, Intro to 18th Century Studies, Caribbean Women Writers, Intro to Cultural Theory, Victorian Britain 1820-1900.

Creative Writing

ENG W507 Graduate Creative Nonfiction Writing (4 cr.) 

W507 is a workshop in the craft of creative nonfiction, with special attention given to defining the genre and its craft, as well as looking at, analyzing, and imitating works in specific subgenres of creative nonfiction such as memoir and travel writing.

ENG W511 Advanced Fiction Writing (4 cr.) 

Study and practice in the writing of fiction. Analysis of examples from contemporary literature accompanies class criticism and discussion. Course may be taken twice for M.A. credit.

ENG W513 Writing Poetry (4 cr.) 

Poetry writing workshop on the study of prosody and form (including formal elements of free verse) in the context of writing by class members. Course may be taken twice for M.A. credit.

ENG W680 Craft of Writing (4 cr.) 

The goal is to explore new approaches in your own work. Students may write in any genre or form—poetry, prose poetry, short fiction, prose nonfiction, or the novel. There will be exercises and a final project to present to the class. The final project may be a series of prose poems, the opening of a novel with an outline, a set of mini stories, a long poem in blank verse, or a creative nonfiction work.


ENG D600 History of the English Language (4 cr.) 

Survey of the evolution of the English language from its earliest stages to the present, with reference to its external history and to its phonology, morphology, syntax, and vocabulary.

ENG G500 Intro. to the English Language (4 cr.) 

An introduction to English linguistics, the course covers the principal areas of linguistic inquiry into the English language: sounds (phonetics and phonology), words (morphology), sentences (syntax), and meaning (semantics).

ENG G552 Linguistics and the Teacher of English (4 cr.) 

Topics in applied English linguistics, intended for English teachers at all levels.

ENG G652 English Language Sociolinguistics (4 cr.) 

A survey course in American and British sociolinguistics, this course investigates the theoretical bases, the major works, and the methodological approaches of current sociolinguistics.

ENG G660 Stylistics (4 cr.) 

Survey of traditional and linguistic approaches to the study of prose and poetic style. Attention will center on the description of the verbal characteristics of texts, what those characteristics reflect about the author, and how they affect the reader.


ENG L590 Internship in English (4 cr.) 

Arranged course.

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