Required Courses (8 Credit Hours)

  • ENG L506 Introduction to Methods of Criticism and Research (4 cr.)
  • ENG W609 Independent Writing Project (4 cr.)


  • During the final semester of study, students work with an advisor to craft a final portfolio of work. This portfolio takes the form of an e-portfolio, shaped to reflect the student's experience, professional, creative, and academic goals.

Elective Course (28 Credit Hours)

Creative Writing


  • ENG L553 Studies in Literature (4 cr.)
  • ENG L608 History of Literary Criticism from 1750 to 1960 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L625 Shakespeare (4 cr.)
  • ENG L631 English Literature 1660-1790 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L635 Readings in American Ethnic Literature and Culture (4 cr.)
  • ENG L641 English Literature 1790-1900 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L643 Readings in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature (4 cr.)
  • ENG L646 Readings in Media/Literature/Culture (4 cr.)
  • ENG L649 British Literature since 1900 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L651 American Literature 1609-1800 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L653 American Literature 1800-1900 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L655 American Literature and Culture 1900-1945 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L666 Survey of Children's Literature (4 cr.)
  • ENG L680 Special Topics in Literature (4 cr.)
  • ENG L682 Topics in Children's Literature

Teaching of Writing and Literature

  • ENG W500 Issues in Teaching Writing (4 cr.)
  • ENG W501 Teaching College Writing (4 cr.)
  • ENG G552 Linguistics and the Teacher of English
  • ENG W590 Teaching Composition: Theories and Application (4 cr.)

Rhetoric, Language, and Composition Studies

  • ENG W509 Writing and Literary Studies
  • ENG D600 History of the English Language (4 cr.)
  • ENG G500 Intro. to the English Language (4 cr.)
  • ENG G652 English Language Sociolinguistics (4 cr.)
  • ENG G660 Stylistics (4 cr.)
  • ENG W600 Topics in Rhetoric and Composition (4 cr.)
  • ENG W620 Advanced Argumentative Writing (4 cr.)
  • ENG W682 Special Topics: Rhetoric & Composition (4 cr.)


  • ENG L590 Internship in Literature (4 cr.)

Note: Other courses may apply toward the degree as approved by the degree program advisors.


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