Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application deadline?
Applications will be received on an ongoing basis, and students have the option to begin in Fall, Spring, or Summer. We encourage students to begin their program of study in the Fall semester; Fall admissions applications must be received by April 15.
Will my graduate credit from another institution transfer?
Up to 8 semester credit hours may be applied towards your degree. 28 hours must be earned at IU East to earn the MA in English.
Do I need to take the GRE?
No. The GRE is not required at this time.
What is the minimum GPA for admission?
An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for admission to the MA in English.
Is an undergraduate degree in English required?
The IU East Master of Arts in English is designed for those who performed well academically in English, Communications, Humanities or other related fields. Individual assessment will be used to determine any additional academic preparation needed.
How to I deliver my undergraduate transcripts?

We must have official transcripts – the unbroken seal of the institution’s registrar is essential if you hand deliver or mail paper transcripts. Opened paper transcripts will not be accepted. You may also have transcripts delivered electronically if your institution offers this service.

Transcripts should be sent to:
Jean Harper, via email, at: or
Jean Harper, via surface mail, at: Director of Graduate Programs in English, Indiana University East, 2325 Chester Boulevard, Richmond, IN 47374.

Is there a minimum GPA that must be maintained while in the program?
Students who maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 will be considered in good standing.
Is financial aid available?
Contact the Financial Aid office at 765-973-8206 or toll free 800959-EAST
Fax 765-973-8288 or email

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